Thursday, November 26, 2015

November bits and pieces.

The silver mists of November weave their soft spider web grey. Drawn to the river and the hills after three o clock until the sun chases them away the next morning.
Coming out of Avebury, the sky went dark. The mist disguising the sun as the moon.
Until it was obscured almost completely.
 Quiet and still, stood the old hill, it's secrets kept hidden.
I love the mists and fog of November. You have probably heard me say that before if you have been visiting this blog over the years. But I need to say it each year, because each year I am reminded of just how much I love and appreciate all of this beautiful Island's seasons.  November has almost gone now and soon we will be into the frosty days of Winter...
I've been busy here with making and painting, and have a few things to share.
First up, some small Aceo sized paintings. Simple designs, hares. Often after I've been painting more detailed work on the hangers, I do I find it refreshing to go back to simple paintings with less detail. This first one is called 'Song to the Moon'  
The 'Sacred Pool'

Then lastly 'Midnight in the Meadow'
Then another simpler painting but bigger and back to my old 'up right' friend. We have had many adventures over the years together and I think he will always be with me.  
This time the title is inspired by Mr Tolkien...'Not all those who wander are Lost' 

Now to the detailed work that I've been busy with...
A friend of mine gave me a very small vintage frame a couple of years back and it has been sat on the desk waiting to have something painted inside it. During painting blackberries on a hare hanger, I suddenly realised what it wanted. Blackberries!  So that's what I've done, along with a hare and a wren. So this one I have titled 'Conversation with a Wren' 
I won't share each hare hanger that I've done as there are 10 of them, but will tell you that I shall be adding them to my shop tomorrow 27th November at 7pm (UK time ) along with the Aceo paintings and the above vintage framed one. And if you would like to see the hares you can see them on my Instagram.
In the meantime here is one of them...
In between working I have been taking time out to enjoy the simple things. A book by the fire and a glass of mulled wine.
 Chatting with my bestie. ;)
And again appreciating all the beauty that these months reveal. 
I will finish with something else that I worked on a few months back which is now available to buy and might make a lovely Christmas gift idea for someone that is interested in dance? You may remember earlier in the year I was painting this below, which was the cover for the dvd by irish dancer Edwina Guckian.  
It's a tutorial and performance dvd and is hypnotic to watch. There is magic in her feet I'm sure. 
You can buy the dvd on Edwina's website here.
And to finish, here's the trailer to the dvd.
Forgive me for cramming my work into this one post, but November has been busy and this is my only post that I've done I've  just realised. ..
Enjoy the last remaining few days and that gorgeous full moon this evening! 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Apples and the return of a friend.

I sat for a while among the fallen leaves, beside this old tree. Just for a moment I wasn't here, but on the isle of Apples and was that your laugh Merlin that I heard!?
Weaving your magic among these Autumn days, enchanting sweet fruits with the old songs from the Summerlands.... What an apple pie this will be...
October has been kind. The days warm and gentle. As the hazel turned to her glorious gold, my little friend appeared again.  
After such a busy summer there is now time to sit and watch. and of course share any treats that I have to offer. 
So to celebrate, I thought it only right to do things properly.
And invite a friend or two. 
It turned out these two had better things to do it seemed, so instead I brought along some others.  :)
I shall be having a shop update in a few days time. Monday 26th October at 8pm (UK time) where I will be adding bits and pieces that I've been busy with. Some birds, small tree hangers cards, and some originals and then another one at the end of November sometime. I will confirm the date nearer the time.

Have a magical weekend.

Monday, October 5, 2015

A grey sky day.

The first Monday in October and the skies have turned grey and the rain is falling gently. I'm inside at the computer today doing the boring jobs as I call them, but of course very necessary.  Reordering envelopes, paper, and restocking the shop, tidying away and filing receipts and such like. I find it hard to concentrate if I'm surrounded by chaos. I know some Artists thrive in an organised mess, but I'm not really one of them.
Outside the window the holly tree is alive with activity. The berries are red and ready for a blackbird and thrushes feast. Blackberries have clawed their way up through the branches and are in fruit at the top of the tree. Shiny black caviar against the earthy red of the holly. Sparrows flit between the juicy fruit and blue tit hover against the window frame tap tapping the glass with their beaks, feasting on the spiders and other insects that are caught in the webs on the window frame. I do love the advantages of not cleaning your windows regularly. Who needs to, when the birds do it for you. ;)

Luckily the weather here was totally different last week when we had the Blood moon lunar eclipse. I stayed up to watch and the skies here were just perfect. Clear as a bell and filled with starlight. I tried to capture on my camera. They aren't brilliant as I only have a bridging camera not a proper DSLR. But all in all I am quite happy with them and I shall definitely have to add this eerie orange moon into a painting at some point soon.
The other day I was in London.  (My daughter has reached that age when it is time to go visiting open days for Uni's etc)  The last time I was there was a year ago to see Kate Bush, so it was quite nice to visit. Being a country mouse I can just about manage a once a year trip! Although this year I feel it will be many more as we are off up there again already it seems just next week! Anyway, I will stop waffling on and show you what I saw.

Aurora the huge wonderful Greenpeace polar bear puppet, standing outside of the Shell oil building, her head moving and roaring... I was aware that she had been there, as had signed the petition many months ago, to stop drilling in the Arctic and my name was one of the many thousands attached to her.  But what a wonderful surprise to stumble across her unexpectedly on route. Of course London is filled with so many exciting things to see, but she was what made my day! And then even better, was the fantastic news announced just a few days later that Shell had made a decision to pull out of drilling in the Arctic. So now Aurora is on the move and is travelling to Paris and I feel so lucky to have had the chance to see her.  You can read more about the story here.

Back here at home, I've been working on some wooden hangers which are all going into my Etsy shop this evening at 8pm UK time. Just a heads up for those of you that don't have Facebbok and Instagram. Although a bit short notice, so I do apologise for that.
I will leave you with the trailer to Max Richters 'Sleep' An eight hour long piece of music written to be slept through which is just what I did, when it was played live on Radio 3 on the night of September 26th. A wonderful relaxing sleep it was too. Beautiful and ethereal music...

Saturday, September 19, 2015

A veil as thin as smoke

Days are quiet here now. My son has returned to university and daughter is back at school. September has returned and in the garden the flowers are still blooming, holding on as long as they can while the sun is still warm. There seems to be a lot of purple around. Here below is Verbena bonariensis one of my favourite plants. It's so pretty, the bees and butterflies love it, and it's quite a tough cookie.  Standing tall and very rarely falling over even in the heaviest of rains and wind.
This year, sadly there has been a distinct absence of butterflies here. No where near as many as we normally have.  Here though below is a blue butterfly enjoying the Oregano that I spotted the other day.
It's been a good year for the apples and the blackberries which are are abundant in the hedgerow.    
When the days have been warm  and dry, I've been sat with the doors open and re positioned my chair by the door for maximum daylight.
I wasn't alone, there is always company just a few feet away

This is what's been on the easel.  An A3 sized painting on wood. Here are some progress stages.
And the finished piece. 'A veil as thin as smoke' the colours are slightly different here. In reality the original is probably somewhere in between. Prints are available here for anyone interested.
Now I'm busy painting toadstools and the odd bee.